Where to buy Soviet Armour diecast models

If you are not a resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can order assembled models of tanks directly from our site.


1. «Club TM» Shop - SC «Olimpiyski», 8 porch, 3rd floor (subway station «Prospect Mira»)

2. «Labe Company» Shop - Sokolnicheskaya square, 7 (subway station «Sokolniki»)

3. «MODELLMIX» Shop - Profsouznaya street, 83A

St. Petersburg

«43/48» Shop - TC Vladimirski passage, 2nd floor, left gallery, Vladimirski avenue, 19 (subway station Dostoevskaya/Vladimirskaya)


Please, be informed, that the models are hand made from plastic or resin kits.

Diecast models with «SA» article are the serial products.

Diecast models with other articles are made «by order».